… the history of philosophy has also been dominated by this repetition, which is the repetition of a contradiction: the theoretical denegation of its own practice, and enormous theoretical efforts to register this denegation in consistent discourses.
(Lenin and Philosophy)

You have abandoned the old domain, the old concepts. Here you are in a new domain, for which new concepts will give you the knowledge. The sign that a real change in locus and problematic has occurred, and that a new adventure is beginning, the adventure of science in development.
(For Marx – A Complementary Note on ‘Real Humanism’)

… it is extremely hard, not to say almost impossible, to raise oneself to the point of view of reproduction.

… it is not their real conditions of existence, their real world, that ‘men’ ‘represent to themselves’ in ideology, but above all it is their relation to those conditions of existence which is represented to them there.

… ideology has no outside (for itself), but at the same time … it is nothing but outside (for science and reality).
(Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses)


The task is not to see the outside, but to see in the first place (to grasp the nature of contemporary capitalism) – the Marxist wager is that, when we “see” this, we see enough, including how to go beyond it.

The act proper is precisely an intervention which does not merely operate within a given background, but disturbs its coordinates and thus renders it visible as a background.

An act proper is not just a strategic intervention into a situation, bound by its conditions – it retroactively creates its own conditions.
(In defense of lost causes)

You know, Marx thesis eleven: philosophers have only interpreted the world; the time is, we have now to change it. Maybe, as good Marxists, we should turn it around. Maybe we are trying to change it too much. It’s time to redraw and to interpret it again, because do we really know what is going on today?

If we talk now, we have to use some language, but this will be the language of the enemy. We need time to construct our own new language, time to formulate. (Interview)

You know, the whole problem here is what does the term ideology mean?

We are in deep shit.
(YouTube video, regarding our situation in general)

Fredric Jameson

The mass of people … do not themselves have to believe in any hegemonic ideology of the system, but only to be convinced of its permanence.

Judith Butler

There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; that identity is performatively constituted by the very ‘expressions’ that are said to be its results. (Gender Trouble)

Andrew Robinson

Much of the work of radical politics is about detaching and reattaching tendrils – in particular, detaching them from trunks and attaching them to rhizomes. (Ceasefire Magazine)

Bad Subjects Magazine

We can’t be Bad Subjects all alone — only good subjects work well ‘all by themselves’.

Bertolt Brecht

What is robbing a bank compared to founding a bank?

Hugo Chavez (?)

If the climate were a bank it would have been saved by now.

Fredrik Edin

Varför kallas utländska tidningar ”regimtrogna” medan svenska ”oberoende liberala”? (Twitter)

Bill Maher

We have this fantasy that our interests and the interests of the superrich are the same. Let somehow the rich will eventually get so full that they will explode. And the candy will rain down on the rest of us. Like there is some kind of piñata of benevolance. But here is the thing about a piñata. It doesn’t open on its own. You got to beat it with a stick. (Youtube)

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